SARFL 2014 Fixtures announced

With 2014 well under way, we now have the ability to announce the fixtures.


12/04/14 Haggis Cup(Glasgow)
26/04/14 Glasgow V Aberdeen and Fife V Edinburgh (Glasgow)
24/05/14 Edinburgh V Fife and Aberdeen V Glasgow(Edinburgh)
07/06/14 Aberdeen V Edinburgh and Glasgow v Fife(Aberdeen)
21/06/14 Edinburgh V Aberdeen(Aberdeen)
28/06/14 Fife V Glasgow (Fife)
12/07/14 Glasgow V Edinburgh(Glasgow)
19/07/14 Aberdeen V Fife(Aberdeen)
02/08/14 Fife V Aberdeen(Fife)
09/08/14 Semi Final
23/08/14 Grand Final


Ball up and venues have still to be secured.

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